What we offer our customers

All our visitors, no matter what package they choose, have acess to following facilities: 24/7 access to the premises, comfortable and ergonomic office furniture, fast internet access of both wired and wireless varieties, private chat box and a kitchen nook with coffee and tea selection. In addition to that we offer office equipment for printing and scanning and, if required, monitors and keyboards.

If you choose to stay with us for longer, we'll also provide a place to lock away your stuff. For those on monthly package, our internal IT support is available during working hours and should you need a space to park your car, we can provide that as well. For a small extra fee you can reserve your favourite table or even an old-fashioned cubicle.


If you quickly need a chair, a table, wifi and a power socket.

Day: €12*

*prices shown without VAT


If your project requires more than a day or two.

  • locking storage cabinet

Week: €50*

*prices shown without VAT


Should you choose to cast your lot with us for a longer period.

  • locking storage cabinet
  • in-house IT support
  • parking space in gated area

Month: €120*
Reserved table: €140*
Cubicle: €160*

*prices shown without VAT

To check out our space, or to become a customer, please contact:
e-mail or phone no +372 5347 2412